Dani at a scrapbooking class


Today we had a very interesting day; Daniela attended a scrapbooking class at Bambola Casa Creativa and she had a blast. She was so excited that she could not sleep yesterday.

I took her to the class and the girls there were so friendly that she immediately sat down and let me go. When I returned to pick her up she had done a beautiful job and was very proud it. Then she said she wanted to come to many more classes ... here I show you photos. It was a Halloween layout, our picture was not Halloween related but it worked nicely.

I think her work will soon exceed mine ...


  1. Very cool for Daniela.
    It's beautiful what she did.
    Charlot *

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog during the Inking Pink Blog Hop!

  3. Daniela es definitivamente creativa, quedo bello!!


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