Workshops with Donna Downey

Hello!!! I'm so happy to share this new project with you...

I attended 3 workshops with Donna Downey last weekend and I'm extremely happy to have done it. It was worth it!

The event was organized by Bambola Casa Creativa, and they did a great job, thank you girls!

The first workshop was called: Paint.Watercolor.Doodle. And that’s what we did…paint, watercolor…and the doodling was done at home because we didn’t have time to get there.

I really enjoyed it and love the results. I finished it with the help of my 4 year-old daughter, who kept asking me questions about how my teacher knows how to make all this cool stuff.

I made a video to show you the album.

The other 2 workshops were great as well, but I still need to work some more to show you everything.


  1. Wow, it's very beautiful.
    The colors makes me feel happy! :)
    It's amazing what you did.


  2. Totally gorgeous! Looks like too much fun!

  3. Colores, sonrisas, momentos de felicidad y por supuesto mucho pero mucho amor.... El albun refleja eso y mas


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